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Greencoat North Rhins Community Fund will support a broad range of community activity and development by primarily supporting the charitable activities of constituted, not-for-profit groups working to benefit residents within the Area of Benefit.

This includes (but is not restricted to) the:

  • Promotion of sustainable development –including promotion of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy schemes,
    sustainable transport options and a contribution to community acquisitions eg land or buildings.
  • Advancement of environmental protection or improvement.
  • Advancement of citizenship or community development(including rural or urban regeneration and promotion of civic responsibility, volunteering, the voluntary sector or the effectiveness or efficiency of charities).
  • Advancement of culture or science.
  • Advancement of education.
  • Advancement of public participation in sport and general physical activity.

The Fund is not to be used to support the following:

  • Advancement of religion or party politics.
  • Activities understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities.
  • Activities likely to bring the Foundation, the Panel, the Community Council, the Operator, or any companies in its group or the local community into disrepute.
  • Anti-renewable energy/anti-wind farm activities.
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. paying for costs incurred before a decision on an application to the Fund was made).